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Join us for this exclusive foxhunting trip in Bayan-Ölgii! 

Beginning with two days touring Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar, and the surrounding area, we will spend most of our time in western Mongolia in the predominantly Kazakh province of Bayan-Olgii. In Bayan-Olgii, our journey will start in Tsambagarav National Park, where we will hunt and travel by horseback with an eagle hunter for a week on our way to the Eagle Festival. You will have your own horse and tack for the trip. This is a unique opportunity to ride, hunt, and stay with a nomadic Kazakh hunting family. We will be hunting on most days, including days when we will be riding up to 30 km (18 miles) to get to our next ger (yurt) camp. There also may be opportunities to do a little racing if you are so inclined! We will have a support vehicle traveling with us every day, carrying water, extra clothing, and lunch.

At the Eagle Festival, we will enjoy watching traditional sport competitions including skills with eagles, horse racing, camel racing, archery, and other equestrian races. There are many handicraft and food vendors set up and opportunities for purchasing all types of Kazakh-made fur wear and clothing, so save room in your luggage! In nearby Olgii, we’ll have opportunities to attend some traditional Kazakh musical performances and spend our last night there at the Makhsum Hotel.

While this trip has as high-end accommodations and food as possible in this part of the world, including gers (yurts) that are set up just for us, our own portable toilets, and a first class chef traveling with us; is an adventure; as such, you must be prepared for periodic lack of facilities, inclement weather, changes in itinerary, and having a once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with stories to entertain at many a hunt breakfast.

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Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Depending on your arrival time, there may be time to explore a little bit around Sukhbaatar Square and check out some of the nearby shops. We will have dinner together and probably retire early! Blue Sky Hotel 

• Get over jet lag! Breakfast group meeting/orientation. Exchange money, self or small group guided tours of art & history museums, State Department Store and Gobi Cashmere, and a trip to the amazing Black Market. Blue Sky Hotel 

• Visit with Nomadic family, Evening - Tumen Ek traditional music and dance performance. Blue Sky Hotel 

• Afternoon flight to Olgii. Drive to Camp 1 at Tsambagarev National Park.

• All day shake down trail ride with horses.

• Full day hunting.

• Hunt and ride to Camp 2 – Botei’s sister’s place 

• Full day hunting.

• Hunt and ride to Camp 3 – Botei’s place 

• Full day hunting. 

• Trail ride up Hovd River to Botei's winter place. Drive to Olgii. Botei's place

• Eagle Festival day 1. Botei's place

• Eagle Festival day 2. Makshum Hotel

• Leave Olgii – Fly back to UB. Blue Sky Hotel

• Last day in UB for sightseeing and last chance for shopping. 

Departures begin.

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